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The Lindsey Scott Law Firm is a team of legal professionals, dedicated to the representation of the many voices that go unheard, specifically, the victims of traumatic events.  It is no secret, that though the insurance industry makes billions of dollars each year from the earnings of each of us, those same companies will deny, or devalue the claims of the very citizens that are responsible for its profits.  We are skilled in settlement negotiation, and litigation.  We do our very best to bring our clients’ cases to a speedy and just resolution.  We make it our mission, to be the voice of the many who go unheard.

We are experienced in:

Wrongful Death Accidents
18 Wheeler Accidents

Our History

The Lindsey Scott Law Firm was founded in 1998, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It quickly grew from its original Plank Road location, to its current site in downtown Baton Rouge.  Its founder, Lindsey Scott, has mentored hundreds of lawyers and legal personnel, and has established a lineage of successful civil litigators throughout the state and beyond.  For more than two decades, the Lindsey Scott Law Firm has represented litigants in the areas of medical malpractice, class actions, and wrongful death cases.  The firm’s success is rooted in the strong faith and vision of its founder, and the belief that truth and justice will prevail.  To ensure that this end, the Lindsey Scott Law Firm holds itself firmly accountable.

Founded in 1998

Personal Injury Law Firm With a Commitment to Excellence

Lindsey Scott has represented thousands of injured clients, and collected millions of dollars in personal injury settlements and awards.

Our core values


We realize that as victims of traumatic events, our clients’ lives are disrupted in numerous ways.  Loss of income, chronic pain, depression, and disruption of family bonds, are among the many ways that our clients are affected.  While we are aggressive in our representation of our clients, we are quick to meet them where they are.  We understand that the disruption of normal life is frustrating.  We are devoted to not only documenting these challenges, but actually hearing and getting to know the people we represent.

Determination (Hard Work)

Since the doors first opened in 1998, we quickly established ourselves as legal professionals who would “leave no stone unturned”; who would research every legal avenue; and work relentlessly in pursuit of a successful outcome.  Our reputation for relentless pursuit is well known throughout the state, and is embedded within the many attorneys who have been mentored by our founder.  We do not look for the “easy” case, but realize that “lawyering” means discovering that which was not so obvious.  We do not run from the tough cases.  We welcome them.

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